FLORIDA only – Work at Home Call Center Representative

Infocision Management

Take the first step to start your new career today with InfoCision. We offer Call Center jobs from the comfort of your home!

What we do:

Our teams work with some of the nation’s top companies, including the largest Non-Profits, The National Rifle Association, Conservative Political Organizations, as well as a variety of different media driven clients
Work in a blended inbound/outbound call center environment where you will talk about topics that matter
We raise funds, provide customer service, take orders & sell products and services to our customers
You have the opportunity to work from your home with the same support as if you were working in the office

We offer:

Full-Time set, but flexible schedules, that enable you to take time off for the things that are important to you
Virtual Paid Training
Rewards & Recognition Programs
Weekly Pay & Bonus potential with access to your pay at anytime!
Benefits available for Full-time employees including Medical, Dental, Vision, and 401k

Technology Requirements: Equipment NOT provided

PC/Laptop with Windows 10 or 11 Only with at least 8GB of RAM
High Speed Internet. A wired connection to the router/modem is REQUIRED
Web Cam and either external speakers or sound on your computer
External Wired Mouse
USB Headset

**A Technology Check is Required as part of the Recruitment process**

Other Requirements:

A willingness to learn as we believe in owning your own excellence
Home office or dedicated quiet place to work that is free from distractions
Passing Background Check
Exceptional conversational skills while you provide customer-focused work with each individual you speak to

InfoCision. Work Happy. Live Happy.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $12.50 per hour


Dental insurance
Health insurance
Vision insurance


8 hour shift
Day shift
Night shift
Weekend availability

Supplemental pay types:

Bonus pay

Work Location: Remote

*** Please be aware several SCAM IMPERSONATORS have been reported trying to illegally obtain your personal information. InfoCision will NEVER ask for any financial/banking information as part of the recruiting process for our open positions. Our interviews are conducted in a secure portal through SPARK, and we do NOT conduct live interviews using Zoom, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, or other social media platforms. ***


Requirements for our work at home program: (not provided)

Hardware/Software Requirements

Windows PC/Laptop
Windows 10 or 11ONLYwith at least 8GB RAM (Below Windows 10 isNOTcompatible)
Minimum 14 monitor/screen
Intel or AMD Processor
Google Chrome (Current Version)
Firefox, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge areNOTcompatible
Windows Defender antivirus and Firewall must be turned On
It is 100% included with Microsoft Windows 10, and 11 and is automatically updated/maintained by Microsoft through Windows Updates
Other antivirus applications must be uninstalled McAfee, Norton, Avast, etc., as they areNOTcompatible
Ping per InfoCision Client for Windows PCs
Max roundtrip: 80ms

United States based High-Speed InternetOnly Cloud Based Internet and VPNs are NOT Acceptable

Wired connection to router/modem is REQUIRED (wifi is not permitted)
50+ Mbps download speed AND 10+ Mbps upload speed are the minimum speeds accepted
Please note speeds vary throughout the day and if you have others in your household using the same internet while you are working, your speeds will need to be higher than those listed above to account for their usage
If others in the home are using internet, minimum speeds will need to be higher to account for usage
Mobile Hotspots (T-Mobile, Verizon), Satellite, and VPNs areNOTpermitted
ISP must beSTABLEand located within the USA and its territories

Telephone Requirement

Although the phone calls do not go through your phone, you are required to have access to a phone for a PIN call for verification purposes
Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for Office 365 is required for all users outside of our corporate network (i.e., Microsoft Teams), which also requires a phone
A cell phone is preferred but a landline number can also be used


Dual monitors recommended
For 3rdparty/client systems, they are required
Web Cam
External Wired Mouse
Quiet workspace
Must have Administrator rights
USB Wired Headset (Wireless are NOT compatible)

A note on headsets what works and what doesn’t. The only headset that will work with our system use asingle USB connectionwithout a 3.5mm (headphone jack) connection.If you buy a USB headset that also has a 3.5mm (headphone jack connection, it will not work to make calls with our system(but it will work for teams only). Below are examples of what works and what does not.

Must be a permanent resident of one of the following States; Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, West Virginia, Wyoming.


To apply, please visit the following URL:

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